Meet the team

“I created Women of Substance to bring together inspiring women from around the world, so to me, it’s more than an NFT project: it’s a lifetime commitment.”


It has been almost 2 years since I started my personal branding on social media as Filipina Pilot Chezka. I have been featured in several print media and was awarded for my inspiring life story for having gone through struggles as a mother at the age of 16 to becoming who I am today. It’s all because of hard work and dedication as a former flight attendant and currently a commerical pilot, registered nurse, entrepreneur, and an air force reservist.

Being a content creator and having gained additional knowledge in scripting, filming, editing and alogorithms, I believe that with all of my experiences, I will be a driving force behind the success of Woman of Substance.

Filipina Pilot Chezka


Lottie is a full-time director and a part-time Tiktok happy pill.

Diagnosed with ADHD, Lottie took advantage of her chaotic brain and brought to life the imaginings of her maze of a mind through her witty content, songs, and art.

Lottie started her crypto journey in 2019, deep diving into this new world. In 2020, she started to explore into the NFT space and starting her project with Chezka this 2022.

She wanted to give her all to a project that also gives back. She’s excited to see how people can take one small opportunity to make an impact.


“I wanted to give my all to a project that also gives back. It’s exciting to see how people can take one small opportunity to make an impact.”

“I want people to be recognized for their accomplishments; to acknowledge a person’s success, you have to understand the story behind that person. Women of Substance does that… and it gives back, too.”


Kyle Lenout is a staple of the Web3 community. His years of research and commitment to education has granted him the opportunity to work alongside the creators of Octohedz, Nas Daily and the investment firm responsible for the purchase of Beeple’s $69.3m NFT. As an active consultant for CEOs in the tech industry, he has spearheaded the development of several Web3 projects.

Kyle began his journey in crypto in 2013 as the social media manager for Bitconsult, a consulting firm with a heavy emphasis on blockchain technology. Afterwards, he worked as a technical writer and software developer for a multi-media corporation, followed by his role as a proposal writer and marketing guru for a pharmaceutical insurance company. Kyle now devotes the entirety of his time to working within the crypto space. 

Kyle Lenout

Community Manager

Honey’s experience as an administrative assistant and an accountant ensures that our community is in safe hands. As a mother and entrepreneur, the adversities she has faced encouraged her to develop a stronger connection with God. She’s grateful to have joined the world of Web3 with KYLE’N OUT, because the opportunities have allowed her to grow alongside the collections she has worked with. Honey thanks Kyle for believing in her throughout her journey, which has lead her to become a member of the Women of Substance team. She can’t wait to welcome everyone in the community. Be sure to say “hello“!


“Women of Substance made me realize that I am not just the Honey that I used to be, the Honey that was powerless and incapable, shy and reserved. Now I feel empowered.”