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Philippine Blockchain Week

Women of Substance is an ongoing project that celebrates the achievements of influential women, while providing support for aspiring entrepreneurs in Web3. Founded by pilot and philanthropist, Filipina Pilot Chezka, this collection of NFTs will ensure the continuity of her journey, by providing direct relief to charitable organizations and those in need.

Mint an NFT

By minting a Women of Substance NFT, you support the beneficiaries who stand by the values we represent. Plus, the NFT grants VIP access during Philippine Blockchain Week. Once you’ve minted, join our community on Telegram to connect with the team and receive future updates.
In addition to special access, you can redeem a surprise box of swag and freebies, including a Metal NFC card by Tetrix ($150 value). For an exclusive 1:1 NFT, consider purchasing a Women of Substance: Meraki NFT from Open Sea.
Thank you for your support!


By holding a Women of Substance NFT, you will be able to unlock the following utilities:

  • Philippine Blockchain Week 2022 VIP access (7 days)
  • Percentage of sales will help our beneficiaries: Fundlife, Girls Got This, Tugon PH and Integrated Center for the Young
  • Surprise perks and special lane at the event
  • Tetrix NFC card with 1-year subscription
  • Women of Substance Merchandise goodies box
  • Reskills 1-year subscription
  • Access & perks to future events
  • NFT airdrop(s)
  • Discount on partner restaurants and merchants

Women of Substance is dedicated to providing real-world utility behind the art, which is why we’ve chosen these Substantial Women to elect causes of their own. There is no shortage of amazing women in this space, so if you’d like to meet some of our amazing community members, come join our Telegram group and say hello!

Philippine Blockchain Week marks the first of many Web3 events that our NFTs will provide access to. Our project has been in development for over a year prior to launch, so there is no shortage of ideas in how we can continue our journey with the support of our partners and community. As the Women of Substance community grows larger, the value of its NFTs are more likely to increase! In this way, we hope that our supporters can be rewarded for their contributions.

Regardless of NFT sales, Women of Substance provides a home in Web3 for aspiring entrepreneurs, activists and do-gooders around the world. We want to celebrate women now, but our community doors are open to everyone.

We’re building a community

Filipina Pilot Chezka
Project Founder

Chezka is the founder of Women of Substance. She uses her platform to inspire others and help bring about positive changes to communities in need. She is a content creator, mother, pilot, nurse and the driving force behind Women of Substance.


Lottie is the artist behind Women of Substance NFT. There’s a lot more to Lottie than her art, though. Check out her content on TikTok to get a better idea of how she’s making an impact.

Kyle Lenout

Kyle Lenout is a developer in Web3 and project lead of OctoHedz. As a Metapurse fellow, he has created a YouTube series for crypto updates and Metaverse performances. Kyle handles the technical parts of our brand.

Community Manager

Honey has worked with several NFT collections to set up their web presence and onboard members to Discord communities. Her active engagement ensures that people always feel welcome when they want to get more involved with our collection.

NFTs. Community. Scholarships. Charities. Empowerment. Jobs. Opportunities.

Upcoming Events

We will be hosting AMAs on Twitter and Discord to talk about the project. Check our announcements for updates!


  • Fundlife
  • Girls Got This
  • Tugon PH
  • Integrated Center for the Young

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