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Women of Substance it is an ongoing project that celebrates the achievements of influential women, while providing support for aspiring entrepreneurs in Web3. Founded by pilot and philanthropist, Filipina Pilot Chezka, this collection of NFTs will ensure the continuity of her journey, by providing direct relief to charitable organizations and those in need.

We’re building a community.

Filipina Pilot Chezka
Project Founder

Chezka is the founder of Women of Substance. She uses her platform to inspire others and help bring about positive changes to communities in need. She is a content creator, mother, pilot, nurse and the driving force behind Women of Substance.


8,888 NFTs and Lottie drew them all. There’s a lot more to Lottie than her art, though. Check out her content on TikTok to get a better idea of how she’s making an impact.

Kyle Lenout

Kyle Lenout is an active consultant in Web3. As a Metapurse fellow, he’s created a YouTube series for crypto updates and Metaverse performances. Kyle handles the technical parts of our brand.

Community Manager

Honey has worked with several NFT collections to set up their web presence and onboard members to Discord communities. Her active engagement ensures that people always feel welcome when they want to get more involved with our collection.

Are you a woman with a story to share?

We’d love to hear from you! Our community decides the direction of our donations, and we have a platform where you can raise your voice to a cause. We are collecting videos from 21 different women to feature prior to our launch. These videos will be featured across our social media channels, and become part of an ongoing collection. Better yet, we are offering you two (2) FREE NFTs for any video we feature in our brand. For the requirements, please see below:

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”.

Our Roadmap

With every NFT purchase, a portion is allocated for charity initiatives and our own project development. We want to keep the community involved every step of the way, which is why we’ve laid out the milestones you can look forward to below:

# of NFTs mintedProject Update
Pre-SaleWhitelist invitees are airdropped one (1) additional Women of Substance NFT after launch
50010, $500 scholarships are given to female Web3 entrepreneurs
1000Our book-giving program begins
2500A community member is chosen from our Discord server to join the team
5000Our community elects 3 causes to receive $5000 in funding, each
7500Companion airdrops are dispersed to NFT holders
8888We host the Women’s Summit, with VIP access to NFT holders

Our Mission

Women of Substance is a project committed to empowering women. We do so by inviting influential women to share their stories with aspiring entrepreneurs, sponsoring scholarships for women to expand their skills, and donating to community-elected causes with transparent transactions. In order to best move forward, we realized that it was necessary to consider the environmental impact of our NFTs’ blockchain, which is why we chose Solana to launch our collection.

The price of our mint will be 2 SOL (Solana), fees inclusive. Secondary market fees will have an upper limit of 10% for the re-sale of our NFTs.

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us by E-Mail or one of the platforms below. We’d be happy to have you join our community!

Upcoming Events

We will be hosting AMAs on Twitter and Discord to talk about the project. Stay tuned!